April 13, 2024

Samsung Presents a “Smart Windshield”

Samsung Italia recently unveiled a concept that it calls the “Smart Windshield,” a digital display...+More

Corvette the All Around Wiser Choice

Recently the 2016 Chevy Corvette went head to head against the 2016 Porsche 911. In...+More
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Meet the Liddiard Wheel

Apparently someone saw the scene in Austin Powers where Austin gets his golf cart stuck in the...+More
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Via: The Worlds First Extended Range Electric Truck

The Via has broken the mold of what we think of when we consider electric...+More
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Germany Embraces Green Vehicles

To the surprise of some, Germany lags behind many of its fellow European nations in...+More
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Super Savings in 2017

When looking for an economy car there are certain sacrifices you need to make for...+More
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Ford Gets Its Act Together

In years past there has been an old acronym that sums up American and non-Americans...+More
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2022 Will Be the Year of the Electric Car

Clearly the manufacture of electric cars has been steadily building momentum since Toyota released its first Prius...+More
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Crack in Your Tail Light? No Problem

Just the other day I was hauling my teardrop trailer to the DMV to get...+More
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Will China’s Next Export Be Automotive?

If you’ve been following news of the auto industry, you’ve likely heard about how China’s...+More
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