April 13, 2024

When looking for an economy car there are certain sacrifices you need to make for yourself. For instance you are either going to find something that is sleek but not powerful, or something that is fuel efficient but looks like crap. You are usually pressed with the task of finding what quality is most important for you, and what qualities you are willing to settle for. If you are looking for something for under $18,000 there is usually not too much you can do considering the limited price point when it comes to new cars; or is there? recent break through in manufacturing and design are driving the cost of cars down and there are some pretty inspired designs going into the next generation of cars that leaves us all sitting with anticipation.

Jack Nerd writes that, “cool has come a long way, its incredible to see all the amazing tech features and amenities you can get on an affordable car these days compared to a decade ago.” Here is a look at some of my top choices of where the wheel meets the road in terms of saving big with your next cool car.


Up first is the Mazda 3 and finished in the top spot on the cool list for its third straight year, which is itself pretty cool. “Gorgeous and sport outside as well as inside, the Mazda 3 backs it all up with fun focused driving dynamics and praiseworthy fuel efficient.” Fuel economy is king when it comes to buying cheap because its the gift that keeps on giving. The MPG is pretty good, considering they say you are likely to get 29 in the city and 40 on the highway, and this puts it way above its rivals. Not to mention that this is coming from a race car, that is inspired by performance first.

Honda Civic:
A go to in this arena, what you lose in terms of cool points you make up for in terms of reliability and the proven track record that is the Honda Civic and institution of the auto industry. It starts at $17,800 and its fuel economy is a respectable 31 city and 42 highway.

Jeep Renegade:

If something a little bigger is on your mind then the Jeep Renegade may be the car for you. This is a subcompact SUV that lives up the Jeep name with a stylish look and ability to handle whatever mother nature can dish out. That means mud, rocks and snow. This is all great and what you would expect when purchasing a truck. What you may not except however is what sets it port for its competition. This bad boy can get 24MPG on the city and 31 on the highway.  The base price for this is $17,825 and this a remarkable value considering its versatility and range, and comfort you would want from an SUV.

Kia Soul:

What stands out to most about this car is an ad campaign that featured anthropomorphism hamsters. Its not a great car, but it is extremely cheap considering. It starts at $15,650.

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