Via: The Worlds First Extended Range Electric Truck

on the road. They are beautiful design and allow you plug in anywhere into any standard outlet, in half the time with a 240 volt outlet or charging station. A full charge in this one will cost you less than 2 dollars. if you can believe it, and that comes out to about 5 cents a mile give or take give terrain and load you are hauling. VTRUS is something that also qualifies you for a $7,500 federal tax break so that is pretty nice, not to mention many blue states are offering you thousands in additional clean fuel credits across several states. This has been a long time coming and frankly needs to take place if the United States is going to get serious about its commitments to a green future and the sustainability of the planet. The reason being is that so much of the traffic on our roads today is done in full sized pick up trucks. There is no surprise there considering that the Ford F150 has remained the top selling car in America almost completely unchanged for almost 30 years. So when you consider that most those people do not need those trucks for what they are doing for work and just want so have a glorified pissing contest with their neighbors over who has the most horse power now they can still play that game save a lot of money of gas and most importantly they are going to make a big contribution to the green house gas reduction in this country while still being pecker head truck people. Many people think that these won’t take off in the construction industry but here is a very brief explanation of why it is inevitable. In construction you are constantly looking to cut costs where ever you can, and as they say low bid wins. When it comes to the cost of commuting and moving materials the next biggest cost after labor is without doubt going to be your gas costs. So if one construction company in a region starts to offer their bids to clients while essentially taking the cost of fuel out of their estimate they are going to start to win out, and often. As they say money talks and when one starts to do it, it will be a domino effect of massive per portions.

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