April 13, 2024

Samsung Presents a “Smart Windshield”

Samsung Italia recently unveiled a concept that it calls the “Smart Windshield,” a digital display planted directly on a motorist’s windshield. Some have found the concept somewhat interesting and provocative, while others are certain that it will cause more accidents and confusion than it solves. The tech is pretty simple and does not constitute any […]


Corvette the All Around Wiser Choice

Recently the 2016 Chevy Corvette went head to head against the 2016 Porsche 911. In their coverage they tried to cover every metric not just speed and handling in an attempt to determine an all around better driving and ownership experience.In so doing they wanted to try to address a lasting narrative that went something […]

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Meet the Liddiard Wheel

Apparently someone saw the scene in Austin Powers where Austin gets his golf cart stuck in the hallway, trying to turn around, and thought, “I can fix this.” That man’s name is William Liddiard and he is the inventor of the appropriately titled Liddiard Wheel – the omnidirectional wheels that “should” clear up a lot of the […]

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Via: The Worlds First Extended Range Electric Truck

The Via has broken the mold of what we think of when we consider electric cars, and is going to blow away the competition when they roll out their 440 horse power, 100 miles per gallon supped up bruiser cruiser this coming fall. By driving on electricity the eREV power train by Via gives larges […]

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Germany Embraces Green Vehicles

To the surprise of some, Germany lags behind many of its fellow European nations in terms of reducing its carbon emissions. Members of the German populace unsatisfied with Germany’s standing in the movement towards greener technology have proposed a number of ways for the European powerhouse to catch up to its more sustainable neighbors, without […]

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Super Savings in 2017

When looking for an economy car there are certain sacrifices you need to make for yourself. For instance you are either going to find something that is sleek but not powerful, or something that is fuel efficient but looks like crap. You are usually pressed with the task of finding what quality is most important […]

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Ford Gets Its Act Together

In years past there has been an old acronym that sums up American and non-Americans sentiments towards the Ford brand; that is when you hear the word Ford you associate it with the thought (Fixed Or Repaired Daily). For many people when they hear the word Ford its a kind of punch line, and there […]

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2022 Will Be the Year of the Electric Car

Clearly the manufacture of electric cars has been steadily building momentum since Toyota released its first Prius in 2001. However, the last decade and a half has not quite shown the electric car over haul that environmentalists (and electric car manufacturers) would have liked to see. Now that gas prices are diving deeper and deeper into early […]

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Crack in Your Tail Light? No Problem

Just the other day I was hauling my teardrop trailer to the DMV to get registered when its little door swung open as I was parking and hit my car’s tail light. It caused a small crack to the tail light that’s not much wider than a 32nd of an inch, but is located towards […]

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Will China’s Next Export Be Automotive?

If you’ve been following news of the auto industry, you’ve likely heard about how China’s auto industry has been growing exponentially in the last few years. That said, they’ve still shown more potential than actual progress… until now. In a recent interview, an executive of Volvo claimed that the company plans to begin exporting Chinese-made […]

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